New What Would Love Do Foundation

What Would Love Do Foundation

Dear Friends,

The Universe has inspired  my life partner William and I to co-found the What Would Love Do Foundation.  The private foundation is a grant-making 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports those creatively committed to being the change they wish to see in the world.

We feel led to be a part of the changes necessary to work within the framework of conscious community—and that includes economically.  It was a as much as a surprise to me as to anyone.  We will be mirroring Nature in our approach and contribution to the world, endeavoring to be of service to, by, and for the grassroots global community.

We also have a brand new literal WWLD Grassroots Global Community that you are invited to join and participate in.  Please share the good news with all of your friends, on social media, etc.  We hope to begin to giving grants away soon, and create more programs and educational material.

Also, I will be writing a 3-part series on the what it would take to create a new economy that benefits the good of all, that was inspired by a special report I wrote for the What Would Love Do Foundation.

Much love to you,

Christine & William