Will StantonWill Stanton is an educational activist, writer, and teacher, who has dedicated his life to changing the education system globally. Will has created a new education model, called the Six Dimension Model, which aims to empower children in every way imaginable and to help them become who they are. The six dimensions are Self-Discovery, Inquiry, Sustainability, Innovation, Communication, and Empathy.

Will taught in a handful of schools in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, as well as a government school in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he realized things were horribly wrong with the education system. Will and his team are currently developing a curriculum for the Six Dimension Model, which is set to be completed by the end of 2017. Once completed, the curriculum will be free for anyone around the world to download, so we can start new schools, evolve existing schools, and give homeschooling parents the opportunity to empower their children like never before.

Will is also the author of Education Revolution, which looks at the problems in our current education system and the direction our society is headed in, as well as proposing an action plan to reach a new education paradigm.

You can see Will’s vision for the Six Dimension Model at: www.sixdimensionmodel.org

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