Sheila GaleI have been on the airways for over 30 years on more then a dozen AM & FM stations from Los Angeles on KMPC AM710 to Monterey, on KWAVE 97FM to International Internet Radio.

Over the past eight years I’ve become the “Go To” person for Inspirational Talk and New Thought Radio. Hosting guests that include Best Selling Authors like Byron Katie, the Secret’s, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf and several 5 times Oprah guests. My mission is to bring Spiritual, Evolutionary & New Thought to Main Stream America

Five months ago my 17-year-old daughter got really sick, really fast. In excruciating pain throughout her body, we rushed her to the hospital where she spent 3 miserable days. They could not get her pain management right until day 3. They ran every test possible and could not figure out what was wrong with her. By her side every minute, all she wanted was to hold my hand. 

Her condition was so serious on day 3, they transported her by ambulance to UC San Francisco Medical Center for further tests and observation. They were wonderful there with teams of doctors looking after Natasha, trying to figure out what she had. It was the hardest thing I’ve been through to watch my daughter in so much agony. They managed her pain, but were perplexed as to what it was. On the 4th day at UCSF, I got a ‘whisper’ in my ear to reach out to my email list and ask them to pray for her. I host a radio show where I send weekly newsletters to my listeners. I send it out short & sweet. “Please pray for my daughter, Natasha”.

Sheila GaleWhat happened next was one of the most heart-warming experiences I’ve ever had. The prayers started coming in within 20 minutes. First 5 then 20. Within 24 hours Natasha had over 450 emails from people praying for her, from all over the world sending her healing light and love, and she got better. Her condition turned around within 24 hours and 2 days later we were home. I know prayer works. I saw it. From Reiki Masters to Priests, to everyday people, they all came together to pray for Natasha and that is what healed her. 

Her willingness to receive was the other factor and to know it is possible. Since that experience I got another ‘whisper’, ”Start A 24/7 prayer service.” That whisper has turned in to loud, clear orders from the Universe, and I am going to complete this mission of which is divinely orchestrated…”

Sending you Infinite Appreciation!

Sheila Gale