Elizabeth Anne HillElizabeth Anne Hill and her identical twin, Catherine Mary, grew up in San Diego, California.  Elizabeth graduated with honors from San Diego State University and began working in the corporate world while her sister traveled the world as a flight attendant and then worked as a United States Border Patrol Agent.

Elizabeth’s life took an unexpected turn when Catherine was killed in the line of duty along the border with Mexico.  Elizabeth was devastated but somehow knew there was more to the story.  She began reading the books and notes her sister left behind and was stunned by what she read. One statement that Catherine had written stood out, “When making decisions we should always ask the question: ‘Is this who I really am?’ And we should ask, ‘What would love do now?’ Then we should let go and let God. The truth will speak for itself.”

Elizabeth spent the next five years researching. She felt Catherine guiding her, and eventually wrote a book, Twin Souls—A Message of Hope for the New Millennium, with Catherine as her co-author.  Elizabeth learned of a shift in consciousness on the planet.  With Catherine’s assistance, she examined current systems which are no longer working and what will work going forward.

After their book was published, Elizabeth had an extraordinary encounter with a group of non-physical guides through a trance channel and created a project called, An Interview with the Universe.  As part of the project, she would let go of all traditional safety nets including job, home and car, and travel the world guided solely by her Inner Voice.

After receiving an unexpected invitation, she left California in 2009 for the town of Elizabethton, Tennessee.  Each time Elizabeth was out of money, something or someone would appear to support her. She learned that a Universal safety net was always there, supplying her.

For the next seven years she lived in this manner, trusting the Universe to bring what she needed at the right moment. She experienced miracles on a daily basis and recognized that she would never live the same way again.

Elizabeth and Catherine had been named after four English queens, so she always felt drawn to Great Britain. She was staying with friends and had no money to take her overseas. But one day an acquaintance offered frequent flyer miles. Her friends received an unexpected windfall and paid for her passport. Seven years and twenty countries later Elizabeth is still traveling and experiencing that her supply is infinite.

She has realized that the only way forward is for humanity to recognize this truth, each person living fully in the present moment, trusting his or her inner wisdom and guidance of the heart.

She also realized that the current system in which each individual must have their own job, car, and home is not sustainable. The next generation will be about community, equality, and inclusiveness. The new earth will see a fading of boundaries and borders between people, countries, and even between heaven and earth.