If Earth’s prime directive is oneness, its universal guiding principle is sustainability.  In the New Leadership Blueprint, sustainability becomes the all-inclusive compass that redefines morality, values, the way we care for one another and the planet.” ~ Awakening Leadership

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Leadership BlueprintWhat must be regained are critical thinking skills that discern whether concepts, social behavior, and culturally derived morality and values are products of separation consciousness or unity consciousness. Paradigms originating in separation consciousness are not sustainable long term. Those that are sustainable, benefit all rather than a few–or as many as possible, with support for those excluded.

How to Use Critical Thinking Skills to Bust through Gridlock

Let’s immediately foil gridlock by realizing that all human/social constructs contain both pros and cons, or positive and negative benefits. This can be mutually agreed upon. Rather than focusing on disagreements or grievances, where most arguments digress and remain lost in separation consciousness, launch with where you do agree.  This is unity consciousness.  Beginning harmoniously creates more of the same, whereas divisiveness creates divisiveness. This is Universal Law.

Critical Thinking Skills Graph

The greater the positive number on the horizontal axis, the larger the number of people being served. Loss of life or environmental destruction would be a negative benefit.

If the social issue or decision you are making is not immediately clear, hovering more closely toward the middle, includes negative benefits, non-sustainability, or if destruction is involved, resultant instability will lead to the construct’s demise later on.  The greater the negative benefits of any social construct, the more safety nets and support must be provided to offset negativity.  This is sustainability in action.  To practice and discuss critical thinking skills on current social issues, please visit our Facebook page.   GO »